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Zoonomaly is the essence of ultimate dread and excruciating suspense, where you are just a human in the middle of an appalling disaster. A huge zoo was hit by a deadly virus, which turned all animals and keepers into beasts, smiling with a bunch of rotten fangs. The cause of this atrocious transformation must be somewhere here and you need to find it until it is too late!

Gameplay Zoonomaly

The game mostly consists of endless exploration and the more information you will be able to extract from the neglected enclosures, the more chances you will have to solve the massive problem threatening all nearby territories. You are not limited with time or definite objectives, just go from one zone to another, accomplishing your main and the most crucial mission.

To help you out in extreme situations, your employers equipped you with a so-called Bloom O’Bang, a multifunctional tool, which is capable of temporarily deterring a hostile animal and giving you hints on the surroundings. Turn on the radar and search all highlighted spots to proceed in your work.

Although remember, in this game perils are tagging along and a ferocious mutant can strike absolutely unexpectedly. So, keep your unusual weapon charged and think about an approximate strategy to flee somewhere in case of emergency. Extract the light bulbs from the posts to keep your device in the appropriate condition.

But confronting disgusting beats is not the only difficulty in Zoonomaly. Sophisticated puzzles and labyrinths will require much more strength and logical thinking than just a tense pursuit. It takes a great deal of imagination to get through all the creative mechanisms and to avoid murderous traps.

Find a way out of the darkness

Most of the game you are going to spend in the complete darkness and it means you should rely on the hearing as well as on the sight. Mutants tend to make awful shrieks and some of them can even laugh, which will make you jump out of your skin. The zookeepers were exposed to the virus as well, so you are not protected even outside the enclosures.

The only thing you can do to dodge the attack is to outrun the opponent and strike first, blinding the animal with a light sphere. The effect won’t last long, so run and never look back! In Zoonomaly you are just a prey amongst the predators and you shouldn’t draw too much attention to your persona if you are willing to survive the night.

Until all the key shards are in your pockets, you are not safe from the jeopardies. And even when you finally pick up the last one, it will only mean that the crucial battle is waiting for you in the storage. The cause of this malevolent infestation is guarded by the most heinous mutant you have ever seen, so ensure that you gained enough courage for this last venture of the game!