Zoonomaly 2

Zoonomaly 2

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Visit the forbidden zone and experience all kinds of terrors and hideous views of corrupted animals seeking your blood and flesh. Zoonomaly offers you to take the role of an agent who was sent to deal with the disturbances of this awful place. There is only one solution, but many paths to arrive at it. Which one will you choose?

Gameplay Zoonomaly

Once you enter the abandoned facility, there is no way back, only an uneven road that leads forward. Collect the keys that will open the main storage, where the infection origin is stored and invent the method that will annihilate it. This may sound pretty simple, but this game hides lots of disturbing contents, capable of ruining your plans.

There is little you can do against the monsters themselves as they are literal aliens from another universe, but your special device can stun them effectively. Although, keep track of the energy, as all the activities in the game require some. Kick the lamp posts and catch the bulbs to the machine working.

At the same time, too much noise can attract the monsters, so make sure you don’t stay in one place for too long! The game presents diverse enemies, bigger and smaller ones, but all of them are doubtlessly atrocious and aggressive creatures, so if you suddenly hear ominous laughter behind you, you should immediately start to run as fast as possible.

Think quickly and act vigorously

Zoonomaly won’t only make you travel across the depraved zoo and fear every sharp sound, but also give you a surprising number of puzzles to untangle. The gameplay employs twenty locations you need to visit and each one contains a separate mechanism, which you need to fix.

Look through the navigator, attached to your faithful gun and pay attention to the objects shining with vivid green light. This indicated infected and, consequently, really important items for you.

Conduct a thorough investigation in every suspicious place to reveal all the details of the mysterious contamination this game suggests you to eradicate. The objective in Zoonomaly is clear, but nothing stops you from searching additional zones. This terrifying zoo really impresses with its size and diversity.