Zoonomaly Cat

Zoonomaly Cat

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The Elberelo Zoo needs you! This tremendous facility that used to be a place where both adults and children could spend hours having fun and contemplating wonderful wildlife, turned into a pit of darkness, infected by a terrible virus. Will you save these terrains from a complete disaster?

Gameplay Zoonomaly

Your main objective in this game is to destroy the source of the unknown illness and save the surroundings from the bad influence. Obviously, it won’t be that easy, as Zoonomaly prepared an impressive set of riddles for you to overcome on the way to the main enclosure.

The keys, which led to the infestation zone were divided into multiple parts and treacherously distributed all over the place. There is no map with the locations and no definite spot to start, so just use your navigator and investigate suspicious pillars of light, which indicate the presence of evil.

In the meantime, make sure you won’t be eaten by the raging beasts of Zoonomaly, wandering around the facility. Try to avoid being noticed by these ominous monsters and if the worst happens, shoot them with a blinding boost of lightning, which will get them out of balance.

Go through the sophisticated mazes of the zoo

Zoonomaly offers you to take a stroll around once picturesque and now abandoned and dangerous lands. Infiltrate the enclosures, looking for the shards and other peculiar secrets that will tell you more about what really happened with all the living beings here.

Depending on your actions, there are multiple variants of endings. Zoonomaly is about inventiveness and choosing your own way to deal with the difficulties. Figure out the most effective tactic against the vicious mutants and prepare for the fight with the most perilous of them, the lanky cat-like monster.

Combining the deadliest characteristics of all the animals, this corrupted cat is fast, strong and capable of tearing you apart in just a second. Although, it is susceptible to the light too! Employ this weakness against the enemy and destroy it with the origin of evil.