Zoonomaly Unblocked

Zoonomaly Unblocked

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Welcome to the cursed zoo, where each step can become your last one. Each animal here seems to be infected with some atrocious disease. Terrestrial and marine creatures, big cats and monkeys, all of them are now corrupted and dangerous. Will you find an exit from this horrible place?

Gameplay Zoonomaly

In this game you are going to enter an extremely perilous zone, so you should be ready for any sorts of surprises. Some terrible accident caused every living being to transform into atrocious monsters, grinning at you with disgustingly wide smiles, full of rotten sharp fangs.

Your mission in Zoonomaly includes finding the source of this tragedy and eradicating the consequences. Find a way to stop the evil creatures from escaping this zone by exploring nearby territories and collecting parts of the keys, which can supposedly lead to the victory.

Luckily, you don’t need to plunge into the middle of chaos unequipped! Shoot the monsters with a special weapon, which can stagger them for a short period of time, giving you a minute to run away as far as you can. Also, don’t forget about the radar to discover important objects faster.

Select your approach to the dreadful quest

Unlike many horror projects, Zoonomaly doesn’t have only one path you should follow unconditionally. Determine your own way by completing or avoiding particular actions. This zoo is pretty huge and contains lots of different locations you can either visit and find additional information or omit and proceed to the main tasks.

Despite your curiosity and recklessness, you would like to complete the objective quickly, as the monsters can be deterred for some seconds, but not killed once and for all! The batteries in your devices are not endless too, so manage your time wisely and don’t risk it all for nothing.

However, an elaborate puzzle will probably make you stop for a moment and think intensely. To gain a desired part of the keys, the game suggests you go through a range of tangled riddles presented by various mechanisms. Will you handle all of them?