Zoonomaly Horror

Zoonomaly Horror

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Welcome to Zoonomaly, a place where alien invasion takes unprecedented appalling form. The local zoo became a centre of the infestation and all of its inhabitants are now extremely dangerous mutants that will instantly kill anyone. Fix this terrible accident and free the place from the ferocious beasts.

Gameplay Zoonomaly

In this horror game you will be the only person capable of saving the zoo from complete devastation. Apply all your might and knowledge to reach the crucial sector, where the mysterious core of the virus is hiding. It is well guarded and the keys to the storage are shattered. Discover all the pieces and make an attempt to put an end to the catastrophe of Zoonomaly.

As it is obvious from the name of the game, in Zoonomaly you will mostly confront horrifying anomalies that are practically everywhere. Each enclosure and even the buildings are invaded by the disgusting creatures, ready to stab their teeth into your flesh. Fortunately, your high-tech gun can give you a sort of protection against the alien creatures.

Accumulating energy, it can shoot with lightning loads, which are not deadly, but effective when you need to break away from the chase or vice versa, to attract the attention of any monster, straggling around. Some brain teasers in Zoonomaly require even such perilous methods, so you should discard doubts and meet your terrors face to face.

Arrive at the solution step by step

The charm and simultaneously the main difficulty of Zoonomaly is the fact that this game doesn’t have any strict rules you need to follow. You have a rare opportunity to establish your approach, taking into account your gaming style and other preferences. If you like quick rounds and don’t want to immerse into the details, you may complete the objective swiftly.

But in case you adore secrets and hidden messages, Zoonomaly has an abundance of those, too! Sparing a moment for a more comprehensive search, you may discover sensational and even more harrowing data on the corruption process. Sneak inside the forbidden zones and closed doors to gain a full understanding of the disaster that took place in the game.

Use your equipment wisely and you will come upon pretty unexpected ways to benefit from it. But be careful with the energy and don’t spend too much in one go. Pick up some light bulbs to recharge when needed and look through the navigator to elude any risky interactions.