The Classrooms

The Classrooms

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The Classrooms

Prepare to question reality as you step into the shadowed corridors of The Classrooms. Developed by Xefier Games Inc., this indie gem defies genre norms. Buckle up for a journey that transcends mere gameplay.

Robert’s Descent

Meet Robert Chen, our reluctant hero. Armed with a VHS camera, he navigates a shifting maze—a school that defies physics and sanity. Here’s what awaits:

  1. Anomalous Phenomena: From flickering lights to spectral whispers.
  2. The Entity: A relentless pursuer. Hide, run, survive.
  3. Time Loops: The past echoes; the future beckons.

Unraveling Clues

Robert’s toolkit:

  1. VHS Camera: Your eyes and memory. Record anomalies.
  2. Notebook: Scribble cryptic messages, unravel secrets.
  3. Chalkboard Enigmas: Decode their hidden meanings.

Community Whispers

Steam forums buzz with theories:

“The janitor knows more than he lets on.” — ParanormalPete

“The clock tower holds answers.” — InvestigatorX

Remember, The Classrooms isn’t just a game; it’s a descent into the unknown. Will you emerge enlightened or forever lost?