Zoonomaly Game Online

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Zoonomaly Game Online

    Take a step into the madness and try not to lose yourself in the endless terrors of the infected zoo. Zoonomaly is a horror game that will gradually drive you crazy, as the longer you stay in this infamous place, the more effect it has on you, making it impossible to leave without consequences. Make an attempt to destroy the distorted zone and figure out the truth about it.

    About Game Zoonomaly

    This magnificently terrifying game was developed and published by LIGHTS ARE ALL OFF LLC on March 6, 2024 on Steam and it became their first project. Zoonomaly truly amazes the player with its high-quality visuals and ominous melodies, following you wherever you go. It is full of bloodcurdling jumpscares and intense pursuits, so get ready to run, jump and shoot a lot!

    Check out the full version of Zoonomaly on pc or on a mobile device with the appropriate mods. This game will really give you the creeps, so playing during the night is not recommended!

    Being a new recruit in a secret organisation, your first task is to infiltrate the Elberelo Zoo and figure out where the is the source of an outer space infestation, which transformed the terrains into an immense playground for multiple corrupted animals and zookeepers.

    However, to reach the cause of the terrible accident, you will need to collect the keys that were broken into twenty small pieces and scattered around the whole facility. Investigate the surroundings, searching the enclosures and various sections of the facility and pick up the shards to complete the mission and open the main doors, which separate you from the major evil.

    How to play Zoonomaly

    The most exciting thing about this game is that you don’t have to stick to a certain sequence of tasks, but you are free to explore the terrains yourself, choosing how and when you are going to solve all the puzzles. Check out all the features prepared for you by Zoonomaly and delve into the sinister atmosphere fully.

    • Get acquainted with the wildlife. The Elberelo Zoo used to contain hundreds of animals, from monkeys to elephants and they are still there, but their form somehow changed. Don’t come too close to them!
    • Never let your guards off. In Zoonomaly you are threatened by every living being, so you better watch your back and hope that nothing is running right towards you.
    • Fight the monsters back. The mutants can’t be exterminated completely, but it is possible to confuse them with a speck of light, so don’t hesitate to win a couple of seconds in order to survive.
    • Overcome elaborate puzzles. The important gameplay feature of this project is riddle solving. Each piece of the keys is protected by intricate brain teasers, which will surely make you think out of the box in every sense.
    • Seek the light. The shards of the keys won’t be easy to find, by the radar will help to figure out the probable location of them. Go for the light columns and try to search there.

    The perils are everywhere

    Apart from the main hero, who is under your control, in Zoonomaly you won’t meet other human characters, which means that you are all by yourself and nobody will help you to fend off nasty mutants! Thus, rely on your senses and gun to stay alive and successfully complete the mission.

    The infection led to a drastic destruction of the facility and now the enclosures don’t prevent vicious animals from roaming around, searching for food. Don’t become their diner and avoid any encounters as even one bite can be fatal! The gun will deter the entity for a moment, but won’t destroy it, so you have just enough time to flee.

    No mods can beat the appearance of the mutants you are about to face! These ferocious entities are not only looking weird, but they also make disturbing noises, which make blood get cold! The only thing you can do is to track down the origin of the disease and dispose of it.

    Rely on the live-saving technologies

    In this creepy game you are not just a usual passer-by, but an agent with unique equipment to use in different situations, whether you are in trouble or a complex riddle blocked the way. Bloom O’Bang is a universal tool, which will serve you in several styles, depending on the current task.

    Its petals are capable of producing a powerful splash of light that can effectively bash off the creatures, which seem to be vulnerable to bright objects. However, it is better to avoid encounters with the monsters in general, so it is suggested to apply the radar on the gun to capture even the slightest glimpse of extra-terrestrial animals.

    So, given this wonderful item as a weapon, you need to go deeper into the huge zoo complex and discover all the shards, dealing with the local inhabitants simultaneously. Zoonomaly presents various kinds of creatures and even though they all behave aggressively, they differ in speed and general approach to the victim elimination.


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